Absolver is an online action game, released by Sloclap, where players can explore ruins of the fallen Adal Empire.This game will let you explore ruins of a small imperial city that was destroyed centuries ago. In this game, you will meet other players with their characters wearing a mask and who are all trying to become “Absolvers”

This game will allow you to create interact and create relationships with other player and it’s up to you if you want to go on Co-op or fight one another in a PVE or PVP mode.

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The core gamplay of the game is an accessible but pretty deep melee combat system based on martial arts where players can create their own play styles, and combat choreographies through a feature called “Combat Deck”.

Combat Deck As you play the game and fight NPCs or other players, your character will learn new moves. If an NPC or a player hit you with an attack that you have not learned yet, your character will be able to learn it progressively. If you block an attack then you will learn a bit of that style but if you caught it with a parry then you will learn more about that style.

This kind of way of learning new skill or styles is different from what we commonly get from other games where a skill will be unlocked if you reached this specific level. You will learn skill as you fight other people or NPCs in the Absolver World.

The game was released on August 29, 2017 for PC and PS4.

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