Alvin PachecoName: Alvin Pacheco
Origin: Philippines
Age: 19

Facebook: Pinoy Rig Enthusiast
Youtube: Pinoy Rig Enthusiast
Twitter: PinoyRigEnths




Tell us something about yourself.

I’m Alvin Pacheco, your friendly neighborhood Tech Reviewer! I’m the founder of Pinoy Rig Enthusiasts, a YouTube channel and a group for Filipino people who are committed on PC Gaming Rigs. We share our insights about a product to help other Filipinos in choosing the right product for them.

What made you start to love games and tech stuff ?

I loved gaming since I was a kid, I started from a Family Computer to a Full Gaming PC Rig.


As for the “tech stuff”, I became fascinated and inspired by local tech reviewers here in the Philippines like TechPorn and Back2Gaming. And that’s when I started doing tech reviews as well. What I’ve loved about doing Tech reviews is being the first one to take a look and test a new product that is not even out on the market yet, making us the “gateway” for the consumers to get valuable insights about that product. In short, I love helping people in the “tech stuff” field.

Who are your favorite Streamers, reviewers, and friends in the industry?

Some of my favorite streamers right now are Grimmz and grndpagaming (mostly PUBG Streamers). I also support some of our local streamers like AsuraiPH, RikuPH, GrantSor and more. While my favorite reviewers locally are Back2Gaming, TechPorn, PacoMNL, TechOwnage.

I don’t think I have a “favorite friend” considering that every person I’ve met have been a great blessing for me and to what I am currently doing.

What makes you different with other Reviewers/Streamers?

What makes us different among other reviewers globally is our way of accommodating my viewers. We always do our reviews in our native language, which is Filipino, because we want them to fully understand what we are saying. It’s a common knowledge that in Tech Field, there are many “technical words” or jargons that needs to be explained in the simplest way, and speaking in Filipino enables them to absorb more knowledge about the insights we are giving. Again, in short, we truly focus on Filipino Audiences and that what makes us different.

Alvin Review

What is next for Alvin Pacheco?

Personally, I would just like to keep going on in life. But what I want to discuss here is “What’s next for Pinoy Rig Enthusiasts?”. I would love to see if I could make this hobby and passion of mine as my career/job in the future. My vision for P.R.E is for it to be a business that still has the same mission — which is to give people more knowledge and fresh insights about Tech. For now, we focus on our dream to build our own studio and hire some people so we can release videos for our subscribers and viewers more often.

Pinoy Rig Enthusiast

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