DJ MadridName: DJ Madrid
Age: 23
Origin: Philippines

Facebook: KryptekCaseModding

Instagram: Kryptekmodz

Youtube: krypteK PC Modz


Tell Us Something About Yourself

I am DJ Madrid a 23 years of age, married, father of 3 year old son, a local skater, skateboard shop owner, and also a PC Modder from Binalonan, Pangasinan. I loved to join PC modding competition internationals or locals, selling some custom PC parts like Cable sleeved, custom panels, and custom shroud and more. I also build water cooling setups, video unboxing and video build logs. I built more than 10 PCs, mostly are client projects and sponsored builds. I also met some of my idols in modding, old and new friends in different countries when I was in Computex Taiwan 2017. I got invited to a live international modding competition which was I and Michael John Lacerna a.k.a. MadMods PC Modding won a 2nd placed at the CyberMods24hrs Modding Competition organized by the Cybermedia Communications Inc. These are just some of great experiences I had in my life.

What Made You Start Modding?

My first PC build was like year 2010, I’m 16 year of age that time. I built basic setup of computer and joined our local rig show event. At first it was a hobby until I pursued my career since 2013, my friend was my guide before. I met him at the event and he’d like to share his knowledge about pc case modding. He teach me what to do about cutting and sleeving a pc parts. I borrowed modding tools from him before like rotary tools, pin extractor, etc. And then that was the time that I need to be a full time case modder, I bought my own tools and continued my modding career until now.

Back then before, I have a modding group in Baugio City where I started to mod just because I live there for my college school. This modding group called Baguio Modders Incorporation (BMI), we’re doing modding seminars and rig shows on some school universities in Baguio City, also a local modding competition as well.

DJ Madrid 2

What Is Your Favorite Mod?

Many! But seriously, this mod is superb, insane and world class. The TT Turbocharger 900, it is a huge build and a car engine inspired. It is so detailed if you look at it closely especially those acrylic works and it’s so very clean, it’s like a real car engine. The modder is very talented, a friend of mine and from Thailand and he is Chaipoj Khaowasut a.k.a. Indy Laser.

TT Turbo 900

What Makes You Different To Other Modders?

I guess, before I’m going build or design a PC I stare first the chassis (maybe 30 minutes), visualize it on what will I want to do and imagining it in my mind. Then I‘ll make a draft layout to make it clear and adding the final detailed touches. I guess browsing some inspirational concept to make the design much more detailed.

What Is Next for DJ Madrid?

Currently doing my on-going project together with Cooler Master, MSI, Apacer and Thermaltake. I have a Facebook page, Instagram and Youtube channel for modding updates and unboxing vids

Kryptek PC Mods

DJ Madrid - Project Astray

DJ Madrid - Project Aurelio

DJ Madrid - Project Rouge





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