ESGS Experience!

Did you attend ESGS or missed it?… No worries, Project Horus will try to bring you some of the actions there and have an amazing ESGS Experience!

ESGS Experience!

ESGS or E-Sports and Gaming Summit is one of the biggest E-Sports and Gaming event that every gamer in the Philippines has been anticipating every year for the past 3 years. Now on it’s 4th event, ESGS really did not disappoint for all the amazing stuff that they made for their fans.


in 4 years that ESGS has been happening in the Philippines, the most anticipated one are the booths as they give many cool stuff to people. It maybe a show, a gaming experience, giveaways, or contests.


There were many BIG brands the are present in this amazing event from software developers to Hardware brands like MSI, Sony (Playstation), Predator, Thermaltake, AGON, Ubisoft, Hyper X, Zotac and much more!


There are also some fantastic exhibition of games from Big developers to Indie game developers of PC games and mobile games alike. Some examples are Project Xandata, Paladings, Everwing, Ranida Games, Aardvark Play, Kooapps, Heroes Evolved, Ubisoft, Capcom’s Monster Hunter and much more!

De La Salle University

Another superb booths are Schools and companies looking for individuals with potential to be a developer or a game/app designers someday. We can see booths from De La Salle University, Asia Pacific College, Ubisoft and many more that offers jobs, and courses to people who are aspiring to enter the gaming industry.

Exhibitions and Contests


One of the most amazing things that you can see there are the displays of amazing stuff the brands has to offer. You can see there GPUs, Mechanical Keyboards, VR Headsets, Gaming Mouse, modded rigs, gaming mouse, mobile phones, and so much more!


One of the biggest and most anticipated contest there is the Modding Contest by MSI where known Filipino modders battle it out and show their skill in creating magnificent looking mods and crafts. More pictures will be shown below for you to see at the end of this article.


Cosplay 1

Many different types of people attended ESGS and the most that stands out are the cosplayers! From influencers, cosplayers, gamers, enthusiast, and media people came there to join the party!

Cosplay 2

There were people there that were in costumes to represent their booths and some influencers also dressed up on the occasion. These people gave more life to a very lively booths. They get the attention of people to take photos of them in their respective booths and check out what is happening in the booth.

Cosplay 3There were also some gamers and fans that were not part of the cosplay competition but dressed up to join the fun which makes it pretty amazing!

Cosplay 4

From PC games like PUBG, DOTA 2, and Overwatch to Mobile games like Lord Of Dice, Mobile Legends, and Everwing. All cosplayers united to give colors to this fantastic event. There were also some celebrities that went to ESGS like Coco Martin, Ryan Bang, and a spectacular performance by Chicosci.



As an avid attendee to this kind of event and attended all ESGS events, I can say I can give this event a thumbs up because of the variety of things that you can experience there from a simple mobile game to a VR experience and lots of people to meet and greet. On the cons I can say that the venue was smaller compared to the previous one’s. It’s either because ASUS was able to occupy the other venue or there were more booths now compared before (which I highly doubt) and the sound system is not that good. There were many booths there that were also doing their own gig and sometimes I cannot here what the main stage is saying because other booths’ sounds is louder than the main stage of ESGS.

Project Horus give this event a 7/10 and hope it will be bigger and better going forward!

ESGS People

ESGS Stuff


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