Ivannooz Dela Torre Icao – Iron Man Rig


Ivannooz Dela Torre Icao is back with another amazing rig in Project Horus to share with you.

So this iron man build concept was from my friend Niko. I personally thank him for the idea of his and the way we wanted and build turn out to be awesome!

If you guys wanna skip the reading see the full video build here

Originally I was gonna go for Full tower build, but found this amazing case from nanoxiausa.com project is it’s HTPC that can fit full ATX mootherboard can be placed vertically or horizontal, one thing I like this case is the design itself, it acts like a drawer but be weary though you’ll have to tuck in your cable well or do nice cable management as in the back of the case has 4 wheels on for sliding in and out.

Working on this case is a little tough as the case itself is a little smaller than full regular case especially mounting all the rads, top 360 and 240 in front. The aluminum front panel is tough to cut the thickness of this sheer aluminum is really thick but i took my time and pretty much achieved what i really wanted, next i painted it to black. The idea is like a gunmetal or a scratched up look and waalaaah it turn out to be awesome though i could have done a better job but this time took me couple paints trial and error. uggh

Ivannooz Dela Torre Icao - Iron Man Rig

For the CPU I chose i7 7700k and delided, replaced with liquid metal. I achieved really good temps at full load 5ghz i’m getting full of 78 while both of the GPU is hovering at 53-56 max temp overclocked.

I’m pretty happy with the result with all the ideas that we put through. From customizing/painting the motherboard to the custom GPU backplates, and PSU shroud.

Iron Man bottom shoot

As for the storage I chose for that price $209.99 with a speed of 2600 mbps is really good. Cant’ complain with the performance I have now especially for loading games and doing some editing.

So what do you guys think of this build? is it yay or nay? leave comments and suggestion, I wanna hear it from you guys.

Iron Man Desktop Shoot

What is next for Ivannoz Dela Torre Icao?

My next project would be all blacked out or maybe black and purple. i’m open for suggestions, though i’m not that in professional level i still manage to pull out some tricks 🙂 i’m really hoping i could get featured this time for this build 🙂

Check my other builds when you guys can 🙂

To see more of Ivannoz Dela Torre Icao just click on his name!

Below are more photos of the Iron Man Rig:

Ivannoz – Iron Man

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