Jonathan GatchalianName: Jonathan Gatchalian
Monicker: Super Pinoy
Age: 31
Origin: Philippines

Youtube: SuperPinoy
Twitch: SuperP1noy
Facebook: SuperP1noy



Tell us something about yourself.

I’m from Olongapo City with Kapampanga and Ilocano blood. Works at SM Supermalls as IT. I am a Musician, a member of Youtube Vloggers PH, Yes I do vlog, regarding Tech and anything vloggable. I’m a gamer since elementary (OLD SCHOOL Duck hunt is one of my favorite lol!), I stream using PC and PS4

What made you start streaming?

I started streaming when i publicly shared my stream gameplay of Resident Evil 7, and a lot of people watched and liked my video and i enjoyed reading comments while playing, it’s like playing multiplayer in a single player game haha!

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Who are you favorite streamers?

StoneMountain64, Gloco, BossMac Suba, PinoyRigEnthusiasts, GrantSor and RIKU!

I follow StoneMountain64 to get some tips when it comes to gaming specially in PUBG, actually I am a Playstation Gamer but converted to PC Gamer last 2014 and still need to get some knowledge from a pro gamer. I watch most of Game streamers, but I always support Pinoy Streamers all over the globe.

I want this community to grow and let the world know how good Filipino’s when it comes to Streaming, Gaming and Vlogs. I Follow Gloco, BossMac Suba, PinoyRigEnthusiasts, GrantSor and RIKU, like what I said I support filipino streamers and product reviewers, plus it’s easier to ask questions and have good conversations with them and to the other followers.

What makes you different with other streamers?

I LOVE to catch the attention of Millenials, medyo #HugotGaming. 🙂

What is next for Jonathan Gatchalian?

More Streams (I’m just waiting for our Fibr Internet Connection), but for now, single player games are ok for stream and more Vlogs to Come.


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