Kang DupetName: Kang Dupet
Age: 22
Origin: Philippines
Facebook: KangDupet
Instagram: KangDupet
Twitch: KangDupet
Sound Cloud: KangDupet


Tell us something about yourself.

Hi, i’m kang dupet a bachelor degree holder and now a full time cosplayer and content creator.

What made you start to love games and tech stuff ?

Well it started when i was 6 years old, my uncle used to have a Playstation 1 back then and he have tons of games! when he is away I used to play secretly with just play a random game that he left inside the console (since I don’t know how to use it).

Eventually he knew I was playing his games that is when he got scared that I might break it, sooo he taught me how.

That is when my love for games started, my first ever favorite console game back then was Digimon World 3 and final fantasy 8.

It’s because of my uncle that’s why I was introduced to good games, I then continue on playing through his personal computer, Diablo. then I had my own gameboy advance then he got his PSP I was introduced to rhythm games like DJMAX and my favorite game Mana Khemia.

When I grew older, he then set up a gaming pc, where he introduced me to an RPG game, Weapons Of War from Gameclub. I played that game for like 5 years and I was amazed with the armor of each classes that is when I decided to cosplay a character from that RPG game.
(that is also my first ever crafted costume)

After cosplaying a character from that game, since I made my own costume, and I was the first ever to cosplay a character from their game. Gameclub noticed me and decided to get me as their game ambassador that time way back 2012. They build me and guided me on my cosplaying and hosting as well. They are the one who opened a great opportunity in my life.

Now i’m working with different gaming brands and I will always be thankful for what ever achievement i had. It is because of them that’s why i’m here. I will forever be thankful to everyone who supported me and guide me.

Kang Dupet 2

Who are your influencers/close friends in the industry?

Since my boyfriend is a tech enthusiast, and is really close to tech people in the industry I consider his friends my friends as well hahahahaha, i’m really good with anybody but the closest for me is the B2G people, Bossmac, Grant, Alvin Pacheco of Pre, the people I got to work with like Mickee of madmods, uhm the person behind my build Mhike Samsin of TantricmodZ , well I think if i’m going to tell you everyone it would take a lot of time hahaha so all the people I got to work with is close to my heart of course my bosses as well. There are lot of good people in the industry that’s why.

What makes you different with other Influencers?

Well I think we are all different in some ways but I think I am different because i’m different hahaha. I dont know how to answer this question hahaha. Well I see and interpret things differently.

What is next for kang Dupet?

Well i’m so updated on my page you can check whats next for me on my page, follow me at kangdupet hahaha, I always strive for growth and improvements so I think what ever opportunity comes in my way I grab it!!
if you aren’t challenged you’re not growing. So always take that step not rapidly but slowly because that is when you’ll learn and you’ll know your self more. Lets build a healthier community ??

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