In an interview of NVIDIA with Chris Piazza – World Wide Product Marketing of Lenovo, they announced 3 powerful Gaming Towers. Y920, Y720 and Y520 were shown to people during Gamescom.

Legion Y920

Legion Y720

Legion Y520

As you noticed on the model name, the number goes up and yes, if the number is higher then that means that the specifications will be higher as well! That means the Y520 will have GeForce GTX 1060, Y720 Will have the GeForce GTX 1070, and the Y920 will have the GeForce GTX 1080.

During the Interview with Chris he mentioned that this 3 will be ready for gaming and will be tweakable.

The Y920 we like to say is “Power Unleashed”. It got overclocked processors Intel 7700K, it also has a GTX 1080 obviously, we have overclocked Corsair memory as well, 32 gigs of it so it’s kind’a ramping it up quite a bit. It will also come with an option Aztech watercooling.

These 3 will be available next month. The most expensive one is the Y920 which will cost $1200, the Y720 will be at $799, and $699 for the Y520. If you are looking for a pre built PC without the hassle of building a rig on your own then you should probably check them out.

**You can watch the interview here***

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