Peter BrandsName: Peter Brands
Age: 37
Moniker: L3P
Origin: Netherlands

Website: L3P
Facebook: L3P
Youtube: L3PJE
Twitter: L3PJE
Instagram: L3PJE

Tell us something about yourself.

I’m Peter Brands, 37 years young and I’m a hobby-ist casemodder and hardware/liquidcooling enthusiast. I started ‘messing’ with pc’s around 23 years ago when I got my first 486DXII.

What made you start modding?

It all started off with gaming, at first just with offline games, few years later online with Turok 2, Quake, UT2K4, Halflife and Counterstrike. Back then to be good at games hardware did matter. So I did everything I could to have more performance by overclocking and creating better cooling solutions. I only started with liquidcooling 12 years ago, it took another 2 years to start the build of ‘L3p D3sk’. From there on I fell in love with casemodding.

What is your favorite mod?


I have 3 different favorites. L3p D3sk as to me it’s a solution for all my problems.L3p Desk

Still running like a champ after 8 years.

L3pipe because it was a very challenging scratch build.

L3p Pipe

L3peau because it was a lot of fun to try and create a hybrid loop out of an existing case.

My 2 most favorite casemods from some one else are both from Attila.
First of all because of his incredible designs but also because he only uses regular handtools and he works with thick aluminum, stainless steel and real wood.

Cor Leonis
Cygnus X1

What makes you different with other Modders?

I’m not really sure. Maybe it’s because I get my inspiration as a ship electrician from the industry I work in. I just do whatever I like to do and don’t get too much influenced by other casemodders.

What is next for Peter Brands?

The last year I’ve been doing a lot of builds and mods for companies like Asus and Nvidia.

However I got a new scratch build planned for 2018. Still needs some more inspiration though 🙂

L3P Mods

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