SilverStone Unleashed 2 Expo

SilverStone Unleashed 2 ExpoOn October 3, 2017, SilverStone did an expo of their current and upcoming products that will hit the market. If you are not aware, SilverStone has been doing their SilverStone unleashed expo since last year and SilverStone Unleashed 2 Expo was done 2 weeks ago and we had a blast!

The one that Project Horus attended was SilverStone Unleashed 2 that was held in Greenhills Shopping Center in Max’s restaurant. The place is not that big so Silverstone decided to invite people with Rigs to come and join the expo. Many familiar faces joined the event to learn more about SilverStone products. Many won many giveaway but just attending the event and some won bigger prizes like PSU and Cases.

SilverStone Unleashed 2 was held in 2 different venues, 1st one was held at Ginza Complex in Cebu on September 29,2017 and 2nd was held in Greenhills on October 3, 2017.

There were many products that were showcased during this event. From Fans, PSU to Cases.  So we will start discussing the Fans that they introduced on the event for this 1st part article.

SilverStone Fans

Air Penetrator AP125 and AP143

Two of the amazing fans that they showcased the Air Penetrator! AP125 and AP143! We will discuss all their features in detail.

Light Diffusing Cover

One of the amazing feature of this Air Penetrator is it has Light Diffusing Cover. It will add a uniform lighting effect on the fans which RGB PC Enthusiast will love to add on their arsenals to have a more appealing look on their Rigs.

Fan Demo

Airflow Focus

Another amazing feature of these fans is it has vastly improved airflow focus. Below are pics that show how airflow can be affected by aid resistance. Left is the Silverstone Penetrator in action and on the right is a normal fan. With the fans sucking fog out of the test box, it shows clearly how Silverstone Air Penetrator fan can direct air in a much more focused column.






Case Filters

3rd feature would be the case filters. The ability of the fan to push air straight forward is greatly affected when additional resistance is added such as fan filters, and restrictive vents.

Air Penetrator’s air focusing grilles continue to channel air forward despite the high resistance (left) while normal fan with normal filter is having a hard time to push the air straight through (right).

Fluid Dynamic Bearing

Air Pentrator AP125 and AP143 also uses premium Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) for longer life span than normal fans. Fluid Dynamic Bearing provides exceptional smoothness and quiet operation over its life span.


Below is the specifications of AP125 and AP143:

Air Penetrator AP124 and AP143

For all the RGB enthusiast that we have, Air Penetrator AP124 and AP143 will be a delight for your needs for 120 mm to 140 mm fans. These Fans have Addressable RGB Fans with air channeling technology. Traditional RGB fans or light strip can only display one color at a time because it has one controller chip for the entire loop of LEDs. Addressable RGB has one controller chip for each individual LEDs, which makes it possible to control or “address” each LED to show color independent of other LEDs on the same loop.

Here are 2 demo videos:

Moving Rainbow:

Moving Rainbow

Color Clockwork

Color Clockwork

These fans are compatible with future addressable RGB Motherboards as well.

RGB Fan Frames

Silverstone was able to showcase RGB Fan Frames FG122 and FG142. Dervice from the successful FG121 and FG141, they now removed the grille.

FG122 and FG142

FG122 and FG142

The FG122 and FG142 will provide you with freedom to add RGB effect to any fan. They intend to pair and upgrade any 120mm or 140mm fans to be RGB capable without compromises.

FG122 and FG142 Demo

Connection will also be very easy to implement since it has it’s own SilverStone RGB connector.

This connector can easily be connected to other SilverStone RGB Products like the following: SilverStone LS02 RGB Light Strips, SilverStone AP125 / AP143 RGB Fans, and SilverStone LSB01 RGB Control Box


There will be a part 2 of this article and we will link it HERE once we are done.

Below are some pictures that we taken on the actual event:

Silverstone Fans

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You can also visit SilverStone Website for more information.

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