Justin Mark Dela Cruz (Tatz)Name: Justin Mark Dela Cruz
Age: 23
Origin: Philippines
Monicker: Tatz / Pata Tatz

Twitch: PataTatz
Youtube: TatzPataTatz
Facebook: TatzPataTatz
Instagram: tatzie003
Discord: Tatz


Tell us something about yourself

You can call me Tatz or PataTatz! I love playing League of Legends, Overwatch and many more. I play on the PH server and have 2 accounts in Diamond. My stream will be mostly my gameplay and playthroughs.

What made you start streaming?

It started when I watched speedruns and I was tempted to do it live but back then streaming was not really popular yet i really wanna do speedruns and playtroughs, however I don’t have the right setup but now i do have the entry level.

Who are your favorite streamers?

1. Gosu (LOL) 2. Faker (LOL) 3. Huni (LOL). I like gosu about his ADC mechanics, faker for dodging skillshots, and huni for his humor and fun stream.

What makes you different with other streamers?

I do youtube content also though it’s not different with other streamers, but what’s different about it is we also do short films and comedic discussions.

What is next for Justin Mark Dela Cruz?

I will be streaming different games but im planning to do the Outlast 2 playthrough this week, as for YouTube content it will be Pota-Talk 2 and another PatataSerye.

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