Tom Clancy’s The Division Resistance update was revealed by Ubisoft.

New Map!

Division Resistance

Ubisoft just announced a free major update for The Division and they named it the Resistance update. Patch 1.8 will introduce West Side Pier, a completely new area of the map, as well as new PVP and PVE content!

Game Modes!


Ubisoft is making players engage more on PVE and players will be rewarded with same Division Tech resources that you will earn in PvP Dark Zone. They also introduced a Resistance Mode where 4 players on co-op mode can take on waves of enemies!

Another addition is a four-on-four Skirmish mode. This will run on a classic multiplayer time-based march where you need to kill other players to earn kill rounds. Ubisoft is making all of this contents with an objective to revive the number of players that hey had in the past when they first release this awesome game.

With the rise of many great games today like Playersunknown Battleground that have almost a million of player base on Steam, will this be enough for them to recover all the players that they lost to bring this game up on the mainstream?

With all this new features and improvement that they plan to make this game as enjoyable as any other game in the market today, we hope for Ubisoft that this will set the bar higher to all the game developers out there who are competing to get a good impression among gamers around the globe.

This update will come this fall so you better stay tuned!


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