Winston Ivan

Real Name: Winston Ivan P. Ong
Age: Late 20’s

Facebook: TechOwnage
Youtube: TechOwnage




Why did you became a PC Enthusiast?

“Won a GTX 950 in a raffle from back2gaming, got curious why my GPU is performing poorly for DOTA and needed to find out how to fix it, research whats new and how components worked together and love computer hardware from then on.”

What made you start doing reviews?

“I got into doing reviews because of one particular computer case, the Tecware Alpha case. It was the popular case two years ago. and I wanted to know its features and anything about it before I buy it. Sadly there’s no reviews out there on the web. That’s why I did my own video review of it and uploaded it on YouTube so that it would help others if they need info about the case.”

What’s next for you?

“Once in a while I make guides that I think are useful for the community. For me, I think what I’m doing is a service to the community. Just helping out, disseminating useful info sometimes, when I do reviews of computer related things I happen to like and buy. Luckily I happened to be introduced to some of the distributors and PC shop owners like Omega Cases and Rakk Gears and managed to do a review for some of their products.”

Thank you Winston for sharing your story with us. Reader, please comment if you got questions for Winston or would like to share your experience.

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