Name: Yogz de la Cruz
Origin: Philippines

Facebook: DCModWorkz
Youtube: DCModWorkz
Instagram: DCModWorkz


Tell us something about yourself.

Hi I’m Yogz from City of Tagum, Davao Region, Philippines. Since I was a kid, computer is the only thing that captured my attention. It felt like love at first sight kinda thing (insert a heart emoji here). I spend most of my vacant time playing games. I also had several gaming rigs before, like a family computer, nintendo and a playstation, since games on a personal computer are not yet popular way back then.

When I entered college, which was the first time I got my first official personal computer set. Out of curiosity and fascination on how the system and the technology works, I developed a habit of mending my computer when it’s having issues here and there even though I still  don’t have the right knowledge and skill set yet, what’s worse and even funnier is that, I even troubleshoot it even it’s working just fine (insert facepalm gif here). But on a positive note, It’s like having a fix it or break it attitude, which is an important thing for me because I learned something and gained a first hand experience.

Currently, I work as a full time Emergency and Trauma Nurse in one of the hospital here on our city. In addition, I’m also managing our local PC Enthusiast group named R.E.B.O.O.T. or RIG ENTHUSIASTS BUILDERS and OWNERS of TAGUM as the Team President. In partnership with local and national I.T companies, I also organize I.T. related events that showcases rig show competitions, gaming tournaments and cosplay contest which started wayback 2013 and still running up to the present. Tagum E-Gaming Convention (T.E.C.), Tagum HobbyCon and Tagum Tech Expo (TTX) are among the annual events that I organized and handled regularly.

What made you start modding?


It was way back year 2012 when I found out that the era of computers had already leveled up. When computer components are being set up with water cooling components and had concept builds which my interests on computers sky rocketed. I’ve seen some great companies and specially modding personalities set the bar on the industry and became popular.

The first company that I saw was DIGITAL STORM, making awesome unique computer builds. But what inspired me the most to enter and start modding was a Filipino modder named PAUL TAN. His creations was outstanding. Hands down, I’m a fan of him when he was still active on the computer modding scene way back then.

What is your favorite mod?


Every aspect of the build was really planned well. The approach, execution of the build, the attention to every small details and the overall out come was top-notched.



What makes you different to other Modders?

For the record, I still don’t consider myself as Professional modder, I’m still far away from that entitlement. I mod because I love doing it and it makes me happy. It creates a sense of self fulfillment; it’s a passion and a form of self-expression. When I mod, I always give my 101% dedication and effort. I take an ample time in visualizing and planning every aspect of the build, I’m a bit meticulous specially on the building process.

In my own perspective, the only real competition is within you. Striving to be the best version of you. Aiming for self improvement each day and everyday. It’s not always about winning, it’s about the right attitude and character, contributing and inspiring others in  your own little way, to help this community grow as well. Winning is just a bonus, a cherry on top of the RIG or shall I say the cake.

What is next for you?

My upcoming build is a Project Car – A Nissan GT-R R35 Nismo Tract Edition concept build. Currently, I’m still gathering the all components. I’m already excited to start on the build and get my hands dirty. Also, I’ll be active most often on all my social media pages, uploading some great contents like new project builds, build logs and some unboxing videos very soon.

Below are links of some of the videos that I personally made, from computer project builds to organizing events… Enjoy!





Vaas, Artic Mortar, Renegade, and Frank V3

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